Commercial Standby Generator in Red Deer

Doing business in Red Deer sometimes means facing interruptions to the function of the utilities we rely on, due to storms, high winds and other unforeseeable events. When this happens, it’s a good idea to be prepared in advance to prevent any possible loss or hazards from occurring on your property.

The health, safety, and comfort of your business, clients, and employees is dependent on you. Don’t take any chances hiring a general handyman for this job. We are the leaders in commercial standby generator installation, repair, troubleshooting and maintenance. We go above and beyond to match you with the generator backup systems that can maintain the required load— without leaving a gaping hole in your budget.

Selecting the Right Standby Generator to Power Your Business

Commercial generators are most effective when careful consideration goes into the selection of the size, model, location output, and versatility of a standby generator. They can be powered by natural gas, diesel, regular gas, propane, and bi-fuel options, and can be housed permanently, or remain mobile for increased functionality.

Without years of experience, licensing and training, it’s difficult to estimate exactly how many volts it will take to keep your lights on and machines running, and what the best set up is going to be to reduce energy expenses. This is the part where you really don’t want to take any risks. We calculate your planned and current energy demands and match you with an electric backup generator that will power on minutes after your main source goes down. Let us get to know the specifics of your goals in depth during a free consultation with our design and installation experts so we can develop a standby generator installation plan that is just right for you.

Your Emergency Backup Generator Protects Critical Systems

If your business relies on electricity to power critical systems like hospital apparatus, data centers, communications, first-response resources, or to protect sensitive information, your emergency backup generator is going to need to be installed correctly the first time. We build custom plans based on your individual infrastructure, to produce the best results and highest energy savings. In the event of a partial or total power interruption, your transfer switch will sense the loss and convert all systems to your backup resource, making the lights, and everything else come back on with no delays. 

Professional Generator Installation

Having a licensed professional take care of your generator installation means having confidence when the lights go out. We are deeply familiar with local utility stipulations and the current electrical code surrounding commercial generators. We’ll make sure the location, placement, model, style and wiring are implemented perfectly so there are no problems with the required load— no matter how much electricity it takes to run your organization efficiently.

When installation day arrives, we will be there on time with work vehicles that are fully equipped for the job. Our set start and completion dates and flexible scheduling help reduce downtime during standby generator installation. When we’re finished, we’ll do a quick test of the system to guarantee it is running perfectly before we clean up our tools and say our goodbyes.

Call us now to discuss ways we will save you money and time on your next commercial standby generator maintenance, repair, inspection or installation. We are Red Deer’s seasoned back up power system innovators.