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Residential Standby Generators

Power outages are becoming a growing nuisance in many cities across North America. Lasting minutes, hours, and sometimes days, they are an interruption to homes and business. So how do you avoid them?

By purchasing an emergency backup generator, you’ll ensure that while the rest of your block is in the dark, you’ll be in the light.

Many of us think it might be fun to use candles around the house for a bit, but the idea stops being fun when you’re faced with an actual blackout interrupting your work flow or your relaxation time.

Enjoy Electrical Services Inc. is a team of certified electricians with years of local experience. Give us a call today to find out more about your generator options and book a safe, professional installation!

Why You Need a Standby Generator

An emergency backup generator isn’t selective about what it powers—it powers absolutely everything in your home! In fact, if there is a blackout, you won’t even notice.

When you’re considering whether or not to invest in a generator, consider what would happen if you were home and there was a power outage. If you’re working, you’d lose whatever you were working on. Gaming? Lose your progress. Cooking? That’s done.

Electricity powers our lives and without it our to-do lists come to a grinding halt.

Choosing an Electric Backup Generator

So, what’s involved in choosing the best standby generator for your home? It’s simple if you have certified electricians to help out. When you book an estimate with Enjoy Electrical Services Inc., we’ll come to your home and take a look at your whole electrical system as well as what appliances you use regularly.

Ensuring that everything can be powered in the event of a blackout is important. By examining wattage, we can recommend a variety of generator backup systems at different price points.

Smaller homes will require smaller systems, while larger homes will require larger and more expensive ones.

Staying up to Code

Electrical installations need to follow certain codes and guidelines. At Enjoy Electrical Services Inc. we have years of experience working with these and can help to guide you through them.

We’ll file permits and do our best to get you your approval as quickly as possible. Once you’re approved for installation, we can order your generator. Upon arrival, an average installation can be completed within a day.

In some circumstances excavation may be required, which can prolong the process, but that will be determined when we come to assess your home!

Don’t Be in the Dark

Home generator installation is important for those who work at home, but also a great investment for any homeowner. Blackouts are frustrating, and can ruin electrical systems.

Don’t get left in the dark when the power goes out. Find out which generator will serve your home best when you get in touch with Enjoy Electrical Services Inc.. Give us a call today to book a free estimate for services and your new generator!

We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

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