Ponoka Standby Generator Installation

When Ponoka experiences a power outage, whatever part of the city it is in goes dark. How would you like to be one of the spots of light left on the map?

If you don’t want your electrical services interrupted in case of an outage, you should be investing in an emergency backup generator.

At Enjoy Electrical Services Inc. we’ve installed generators for many homeowners just like yourself and are able to both find you the best generator for your home, and install it safely and efficiently.

Standby generators are a valuable investment especially if you work from home. Give us a call today to find out more!

What Does it Power?

Your new electric backup generator will power everything! When the power goes out on the rest of your block, the generator will sense it and switch to supporting your electrical system on its own. You won’t even notice a difference.

If you’re on your computer or watching TV, nothing’s going to turn off momentarily. You won’t need to worry about resetting appliances or anything! Ponoka homes with generator backup systems never have to have their day or night interrupted by power outages.

And, when the power is back on, your generator will sense that as well and switch back to your main power.

Up to Code Installations

At Enjoy Electrical Services Inc., safety is one of our biggest concerns. Electricity is useful but can also be dangerous. Like with any other electric installation, generator installation involves rules that need to be followed.

We know everything there is to know about Ponoka guidelines and bylaws, so that you don’t have to worry about a faulty installation that winds up getting ticketed or is not insurable.

Standby generators involve the filing of permits, but once we’ve helped you with the paperwork, all we need to do is wait for your generator to arrive and install it!

Home Generator Installation

When it comes time for standby generator installation, we’ll start by prepping the site. Generators are large, and weigh 400 lbs. or more!

At Enjoy Electrical Services Inc. we have the right equipment and the experience maneuvering large and expensive machinery and appliances.

We’ll shut your power off, and complete the installation within a few hours. Keep in mind, it’s necessary to invest in professional installation for your standby generator installation. Amateur installations are not under any sort of warranty and cannot be insured.

Don’t make your generator a liability. Invest in your local electricians and we’ll provide you with affordable and safe services!

Keep Your Lights on

While everyone else is walking around with candles or their cell phone light, you could be doing exactly what you’d normally be doing, in a brightly lit, climate controlled home.

Invest in a standby generator for your Ponoka home and you’ll never have to worry about going without electricity.

The certified electricians at Enjoy Electrical Services Inc. are available to help you choose the right generator and install it properly. Give us a call today if you have questions or are ready to book a free service estimate!